Automatic Embroidery

Style and innovation
The highest point of our work is reached by Automatic Embroidery, the distinguishing feature of the company. By the cooperation of the various figures that make up our team, we are able to get unique, one-of-a-kind creations.
The prototyping and the industrialization is taken care of by the creativity of our designers, who interpret the requests of customers, and by our technical office, that starts the serial production while maintaining the uniqueness of the embroidery.
The creation of the embroidered fabrics is performed by state-of-the-art machineries, which can simultaneously combine different embroidery techniques.
The uniqueness of the service allows us to pay equal attention to both small batch production and serial production.
Traditional embroidery Besides the traditional satin stitch, we can perform all the different declinations of common embroidery patterns, such as the cross-stitch, the buttonhole stitch, the rug stitch, the blanket stitch, the whipstitch, the pixel-stitch, the and the knotted stitch.
Cording Applying strings, chains, tapes, pleated tapes, coiling and multicording.
Sequins Apply sequins of various sizes (from 2mm to 21mm, whether flat, couvette, or eccentric)
Moss embroidery/chain-stitch Various types of yarns, from wool to cotton, from polyester to mohair wool, both for college style embroidery and fashion embroidery.
Laser cutting All of our machines are equipped with built-in laser cutting technology, which is able to cut every material, from organza to fabrics, from leather to eco-leather – we cut the materials into the machine (during the embroidering).
Continuous embroidery We embroider the bolt on roll, with a height of 135cm (satin stitch embroidery, allover or quilting).
Needling Combination of different materials using special hooked needles to transport the fibers.