Variety of solutions
To enrich and complete the offer of our company, we decided to include APPLICATIONS, ranging from thermal applications to accessories (stapled or riveted). 
Thanks to our experience and our equipment, we perform not just the simple thread embroidery, but also the application of studs, rhinestones, beads, and thermoadhesive films; we execute the high frequency, the sublimation printing, and many other treatments designed to respond to the demands of a market always looking for creations that mix various techniques and different worlds.
Over the years, in addition to automatic and manual embroidery, we have added various manufacturing techniques complementary to our offer:
Thermoadhesive application Application of rhinestones and thermoadhesive studs, application of various thermoadhesive films of different materials and thickness.
Rivet Riveted application of beads, from pearls to studs and settings.
Printing We are able to perform several types of printing, from sublimatic to digital, from screen printing to transfer printing.
High frequency Using our knowledge of thermoadhesive materials, we are able to execute the high frequency without molds.