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Our company specializes in automatic embroidery. We offer practical solutions and cutting-edge techniques to brands and stylists from all over the world.

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In all our embroideries, we put our expertise, sense of innovation and precision, together with our Italian taste and soul.

Experience and Made in Italy are combined every day with an endless technological and stylistic research, to allow Everest to offer unique, excellent embroideries to its clients.


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“Everest is the place where everyone gives the maximum to achieve the maximum. It’s the place where synergy, precision and passion come together to create excellent embroideries.”


Our production line finds its highest expression in AUTOMATIC EMBROIDERY. The uniqueness of our serial products is guaranteed by the constant attention of our team, that follows the entire manufacturing process: technological precision and the artisan spirit always go hand in hand to produce excellent items.


° Traditional embroidery in all its forms – cross-stitch, pixel-stitch, whipstitch, blanket stitch, buttonhole stitch, stem stitch…

° Moss embroidery and chain-stitch

° Cording: strings, tapes, coiling, pleated tapes

° Sequins

° Laser cutting

° Continuous embroidery on allover patch or quilting

° Needling


In our accessory APPLICATIONS to automatic embroidery, versatility and effectiveness are combined. Exploiting technologies and tools other than traditional embroidering, these applications have become the core manufacture of our company. They can be a finished product themselves or they can also be combined with embroidery.


° Thermal applications of rhinestones and thermoadhesive films

° Application with rivets or staples of studs, beads and stones

° High frequency with thermoadhesives

° Transfer applications and sublimation prints



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